Introducing The Express


I love New York. Who doesn’t? Everyone who comes here seems to think it’s great. I’ve been living here for more than 10 years, which, to my mind, makes me a real New Yorker. You might disagree, and I respect that. At any rate, over the past decade plus, I’ve learned a thing or two about this city, and I decided it was high time I started sharing my thoughts.

You can still find my food and music reviews over at Taylor’s Ham. That won’t change. But here, at The Express, I’ll write about places that have impressed me. And neighborhoods that really get me. You’ll have the opportunity to read about museums, random shops, places as far away as Queens which happens to be my home borough and more.

I promise it will be interesting. And I promise my perspective will be as unique as it can be.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading The Express as much as I’ll enjoy writing it.


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