We’ve all seen the guidebooks tourists are carrying around New York City, with their dogeared pages and terrorized spines. No New Yorker would be caught dead reading one of them. So, how do New Yorkers get the deets on what’s new and exciting around the city? Well, by reading this blog.

The Express is by a New Yorker about New York for New Yorkers. Make sense?

You may skip some posts, thinking you already know all there is to know about The Museum of Modern Art, for instance. But, I assure you, this blog will offer a bit of mystery and a dash of insight into that museum you’ve been to 100 times. I promise.

The banner for my blog has been graciously created by designer extraordinaire Elushika Weerakoon. Go to her site and give her some love. Oh, and all photography on this blog is by yours truly.

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